Knots - The fun and easy way. Animated knots by Grog. Click on the knots to learn how to tie them

Back To Basics - Everything you need to know about fire lighting, wood burning properties, tent pitching, bivouacs, camp gadgets, rucsac packing, axe safety, map reading, knots & lashings, first aid, weather and much more.

Lashings - How to tie them; essential as part of pioneering

Fire Lighting - Types of fire and ensuring you get the right type of wood for your fire

Simple Knots - Types of rope and how to tie all the common knots that you will need

Tent Pitching - Different types of tent and how to pitch them correctly to ensure you stay dry!

Using Axes and Saws - How to take care of and use these essential Scout tools safely and correctly

Use of knives at camp - This is the Scout Association policy regarding the use of knives by Scouts at camp, which we adhere to.