Hopefully, we can answer many of your questions below; if not, please contact us.

Joining Us:     



Do you have a joining list?
How soon should I register my son's/daughter's name with 3rd Kingston?
How long can I expect to wait?
How do I put my name on the list?
I have added my son's / daughter's name to the list but haven't heard anything further yet. Is there a problem?
Who will I receive e-mails from (and how do I ensure I get them)?


What should I wear before I'm invested?
When do I need to buy uniform?
What uniform do I need?
Where do I buy uniform from?
Where do I put the badges on the uniform?

Moving up to the next Section:     


I'm moving Section, what should I wear?
When changing Sections, what uniform do I need to buy, when and from where?
When moving up from Beavers to Cubs, which badges should I transfer from the Beaver uniform to the Cub uniform?
When moving up from Cubs to Scouts, which badges should I transfer from the Cub uniform to the Scout uniform?

How can I help out?:     

How can I help 3rd Kingston?
I don't have the skills to help out
I don't have enough time to help out; I work full time
At what age can I start helping out?
What will I get out of it?